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sunset_sailors's Journal

Sail into the Sunset
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We're getting together for the weekend in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 5, 6, 7, and 8, 2008! We'll go for a day sail on the schooner Roseway, explore the USS Constitution, explore the waterfront and historic Boston, and of course watch all the PotC movies. Other movies may include the Disney Treasure Island, the Hornblower miniseries, and Master and Commander. We might also like to hold a dirty song contest or an Embarrassment Orgy (in which you must read aloud from the rudest smut you ever wrote, while keeping a straight face).
We'll be staying at the Residence Inn, on the Charlestown side of the river, here: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/bostw-residence-inn-boston-harbor-on-tudor-wharf/

More information will become available in the next few weeks. Please leave a comment to the latest entry or email me if you'd like to join the community. Everybody with an interest in the PotC trilogy is welcome to join us. People who live locally are welcome to drop in.


From the SitS'06 announcement: Sail into the Sunset is a Gathering of Pirates and Pirate-tolerant Folks. Slash friendly, but slash-colored glasses not required.
Added by Teeny, host for SitS'08: We're all fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Some (i.e. me) are Age of Sail fanatics; some are history buffs; some just like to watch Johnny Depp swing his hips.