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Sail into the Sunset '08: Hoist the colors!


I hereby invite you all to Boston, Massachusetts in June of 2008.  I was wild to hang out with you all, this past summer, and I've sworn a solemn oath* to make SitS happen next year.  I'd like to have everyone come to town on the weekend of June 5, 6, 7, and 8, Thursday to Sunday.  

With the kind help of Doola, I've been plotting the details.  

I've found a promising hotel, the Residence Inn Boston Harbor on Tudor Wharf.  It has plenty of amenities: a waterfront view, complimentary hot breakfast, a pool, and fairly reasonably priced rooms.  It's in Charlestown, across the river from downtown Boston, so the price is considerably lower.  Rooms start at $179 a night for a room with one queen-sized bed and one sofa bed.  I believe that means we can fit three people in a room if two don't mind sharing a bed, but I'll have to double-check.  The hotel is on a wharf within a stone's throw of the U.S. Constitution, and the water taxi can take us to the Boston side of the Charles River whenever we like.  I just spent some time on the phone with a nice young lady from the hotel, who says that it's too early to reserve rooms for next June.  Accordingly, I'll look into that in a month's time.  In the meantime, I'll take a look at the hotel next time I go to Boston and make sure that it'll be up to our standards.  

Here are my ideas. 
Arrive in Boston and meet up at the Residence Inn.  Hit a local restaurant for dinner.  Watch movies if we have the energy: Master and Commander, the Hornblower TV miniseries, and the 1950s Treasure Island with Robert Newton are all good options. 
Daytime: Go for an afternoon sail on the schooner Argia or the Liberty Clipper.  Dinner at a pub.  Evening: Watch Curse of the Black Pearl plus blooper reel, deleted scenes, and all the DVD extras our hearts can desire. 
Daytime: Walk over to view the U. S. Constitution and museum.  Afternoon: watch DMC.  Order in pizza for supper.  Watch AWE. 
Pack and head home, plus possible touristy activities in downtown Boston for anyone who's staying over.

Y'all.  I want to meet you all in person and rave about piracy together.  I hope we'll be a good big crew, but even if only four or five people want to come, I am still ready and eager to organize this.  

First off, please leave a comment if you're interested in coming.  This isn't a commitment--I'll be asking for those next month, when we actually have to reserve our rooms.  For now, just tell me if you want to come and think you can make it.  Let me know who you'll be coming with, and/or whether you'd like to share a room with another pirate.  In addition, let me know if you are willing to be the person who makes the reservation for your room.  You'd reserve ahead of time with your credit card, pay for the room, and then the other people in the room pay you their share.  

Volunteers?  I could use a person who is willing to bring a laptop and hook it up to the TV in one of our rooms so we can all crowd in and watch the DVD.  Also, please let me know if there's stuff you want to do that I haven't put in the schedule.  We're free as birds on the wing and Boston is a city of infinite possibility.

Oh, yeah--and please get the word out!  Link this everywhere you wish among PotC and Age of Sail fandom.  The more the merrier!

Yours for more swag and booze, 

Teeny Buffalo

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